We are changing the conversation

Hunger is a global problem of distribution. Our food rescue model provides a local, sustainable, scalable solution that bridges the gap between the inevitable overflow of food production, and the ever-growing need for fresh, healthy food in our community.

In seven years of operation, Lovin’ Spoonfuls has grown rapidly to meet the increasing demand for our services on both the food donor side and our beneficiaries. Additional trucks and drivers on the road mean we can rescue more food and serve more people. Please join us and support our work to foster a modern and relevant response to hunger and to end preventable food waste in Boston and beyond.

Our vision for a healthier community

We see healthy food as a right, not a privilege:

Food is the foundation of a healthy life. We provide direct access to nourishing food, giving individuals the opportunity to make healthy choices about their diet. No third party.

Reducing food waste to conserve our environment:

Wasting food costs more than a missed opportunity to feed people. Food is the largest single component of our waste stream, accounting for 14% of what ends up in landfills. We work to divert and upcycle edible food, significantly reducing the amount of food that gets dumped, and alleviates the significant environmental burdens and costs of food waste.

Connecting community resources:

We know that food is available in abundant quantities. Our model focuses on responsibly connecting existing resources in our area. A delivery from Lovin’ Spoonfuls allows our partner organizations to focus their spending on addressing the critical needs of their guests.

Strengthening the social service fabric:

Our collaborative partnerships go beyond simple food pick-ups and deliveries. We establish lasting relationships with all of our partners, and aim to connect community members through new initiatives, including our new nutrition education program.

Food rescue is an essential part of the hunger relief equation. Lovin' Spoonfuls is the platform for Boston to join the changing conversation on food insecurity and food waste.


Give with confidence

Our work is local, immediate, and efficient. Every dollar makes a difference and no amount is too small.

$1 donated
3lbs of food rescued
feeding 1 person for a day


Support operational costs of one food rescue route for one year
Support the rescue of 300,000 lbs of food


Support our food-rescue operations for 1 month
Support the rescue of 225,000 lbs of food


Support our entire fleet of trucks for 6 months
Support the rescue of 150,000 lbs of food


Support fuel for our entire fleet of trucks for 1 year
Support the rescue of 75,000 lbs of food


Support truck maintenance for 6 months
Support the rescue of 30,000 lbs of food


Support fuel for one truck for 1 year
Support the rescue of 15,000 lbs of food


Support fuel for 1 truck for 6 months
Support the rescue of 7,500 lbs of food


Support fuel for 1 truck for 3 months
Support the rescue of 3,000 lbs of food